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I’m wondering just how personal this blog should be. The last blog brought threats of libel lawsuits. I should point out that the blog was completely truthful. Perhaps the post, “. . .and then she killed our puppy” went a little too far. Then again, maybe it didn’t.

Today our Internet presence, whether through blogs or Facebook, are personal to the point of exhibitionism. I certainly would not want my employer to see pictures of me in the nude with a crack pipe in my hand. After all, I don’t smoke crack anymore. On the other hand, I don’t have an employer to show the pictures to, so perhaps this should not be a concern. Then again, maybe that’s why I remain ungainfully unemployed.

My greatest objection to this exhibitionism is that it stifles innovation. You cannot re-create yourself as a bluegrass banjo player (see previous post) if all of your 698.3 (one of them announced she is pregnant) Facebook friends know you to be solely an obsessive World of Warcraft player.

Mystery is a good thing, I have determined. It is all too true that familiarity breeds contempt. No man is a hero to his valet or maid, after all.

Written by mokane

May 31, 2010 at 3:38 am

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