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Sarah Palin’s Medical History

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Interesting how Sarah Palin released her medical records the day before the election. And interesting how she really didn’t release the actual records, what she released was a seven page summary letter of those records signed by her physician. There’s a difference between a patient’s medical file and a summary of that file. If it is true that we try to hide what shames us, what secrets are to be revealed in the actual medical file? 

I forgot to post the link to the blog about my efforts to sell my wonderful condo. Here’s the link: http://6767condo401.blogspot.com. It started out just as a vehicle to post pictures of the condo, but every picture tells a story, and in telling the story, well, maybe I got carried away.

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November 4, 2008 at 8:19 pm

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New Blog–6767collins401.blogspot.com

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I’ve been having such a great time trying to sell my condo at 6767 Collins Ave., #401, Miami Beach for the past year. My timing was perfect–just in time for the bursting of the real estate bubble and coinciding with the biggest economic crash since 1929. What is especially galling is that I am not/was not a real estate speculator and the condo (“my wonderful condo”) should not have been purchased at all.

I’m not giving up this blog; but it makes sense not to mix-up a general blog like this one with a blog written for a specific purpose. And a post like, “Selling your Home after a homicide” would definitely give people the wrong idea. 

Let me know what you think:  http://6767collins401.blogspot.com

And the new blog has pretty pictures, too.

Written by mokane

October 31, 2008 at 10:20 am

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