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The Kingdom expelled roughly 150,000 illegal workers in November, 2013. “Illegal” in this context means that the worker in question entered the country legally and in many cases, switched jobs after his first employer failed to pay him. The true guilty parties here are Saudis who permitted their names to be used to sponsor foreign workers when they had no jobs for them as well as those employers who had no problem confiscating their employees’ passports while failing to pay their just wages. Keep in mind that the Qu’ran requires an employee to be paid before the sweat on his brow dries.

The Kingdom is also gearing up several major construction projects, including the capital’s first subway. Where the workers will come from for these massive public works is unknown. The book, Saudi Labor Law Outline contains an analysis as well as translations of Saudi labor laws, including the new Domestic Servants Law.

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December 5, 2013 at 1:09 pm

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