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So there was no knife after all

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Well, well–so there was no knife after all.
In reporting the death of Ibrahim Todashev in Orlando, the AP and others said that following an interrogation, Todashev lunged at an agent with a knife and so the agent used deadly force to protect himself.
Now the Government–on background, and on an unattributed basis only–admits that there was no knife, but that the victim turned over a table and attacked the agents with an iron pole.
There was more than one agent.
The victim’s family says he was on crutches.
I’m on crutches. I can barely get out of bed, never mind start swinging poles around.
Wny didn’t the agents secure the area and the suspect before the interrogation?
Conduct a “protective sweep” for weapons (such as metal poles)?
Law enforcement agents in the U.S. are most often highly trained professionals. But when it comes to anti-terrorism work, we seem not to have gotten the memo.
We get rid of one of our best generals, Petraeus, for having an affair.
President Eisenhower said that General Patton made a mistake (striking a soldier) in WWII, but he was a good general and he needed him.
Instead, Petraeus gets the boot.
And now this.
Not getting the story straight has damaged the image and reputation of the United States around the world.
We don’t need this. It reeks of amateurism and cover up.

Written by mokane

May 30, 2013 at 11:38 pm

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