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Poet of Filth

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Poet of Filth

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s fall from grace has been spectacular. One moment he is the head of the IMF visiting his daughter in New York and rumored to be a presidential candidate in France. Then he is arrested and accused of having raped a chambermaid at the four star hotel where he was staying in New York. The case gets dismissed amidst evidence of blackmail by the chambermaid. The collection of coincidences which led to his arrest, according to some, suggests the involvement of French intelligence.
He returns to France and is soon drawn into a Profumo/Keeler-esque Scandal involving a prostitution ring and the wealthy and powerful. The word “pimp” is used but he is not indicted. Again the coincidences–it seems that the new scandal is much like the assassin returning to the hospital to pump a few more bullets into an inconveniently surviving target. Now he is one of the ‘initialed’–a man referred to not by name, but by his initials: DSK, like OJ. a figure of notoriety.
Finally his wife, who had stood by him for all this time, announces that she will seek a divorce. Who could blame her? But his fall is not yet complete–his mistress, Marcella Iacub, who had defended him in the pages of the Nouvel Observateur (without revealing her personal connection) leaves him and writes a novel about their break-up, accusing him of being nothing less than a pig and a “poet of filth.” Their relationship lasted for less than a year. He accused her of entering into the relationship with an eye towards writing a book about it and write she did, using the peculiar French literary form known as “autofiction”, a genre unknown in the United States in which truth and narrative fiction do not keep well-defined boundaries. He files a libel case against her–mind, this is an individual whose reputation has recently twice been polluted–and her defense is, that while as a technical matter she may have lied, sometimes it is necessary to lie in order to tell the truth.
Someone very much wanted to keep DSK from the Elysee. They achieved their goal and their identity remains secret. To what end? If they did not have this interest, DSK might have become president of France, and these secrets would have remained secret. To what extent do secret histories influence world events?

Written by mokane

April 3, 2013 at 12:13 pm

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