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Advice to a Young Canadian Lawyer looking for a Job in the Middle East

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As a first step, get yourself a copy of Don’t Forget to Tape the Toilets: The Missing Orientation Manual for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. It’s available on Amazon in both paper and Kindle formats. You might at first think of making a connection with a Canadian law firm in the Gulf. Blakes was the first law office to open in Saudi/Bahrain, but now has competitors because of the Norton Rose merger with Fulbright. There aren’t any Canadian lawyers at either Norton Rose Bahrain or at Fulbright in Saudi (at least I don’t think) so you might initially try there. Four senior lawyers in the Gulf have left Blakes since last June. There must be a reason for this. Actually, the Blakes “branch” or associated firm in Khobar is quite vocal about that office not really being part of Blakes so keep that in mind. They have a respected, senior Canadian-qualified arbitrator in Khobar but no other Canadian-qualified attorneys there. Because their Bahrain office is doing so little since the departure of the four senior lawyers, I won’t address their Bahrain office other than to point out that there is definitely more of a Canadian presence—two senior associates (one part-time) and one partner. There is another partner who is a co-manager (sort of) with their Saudi partner who is (sort of) part of Blakes. They have a small arbitration practice in Khobar and that’s about it. But enough about Blakes. Bennett Jones is in Doha, so you might want to try there. I would start my search by looking at the aggregators and then getting in touch with the relevant listing headhunter for an appropriate opportunity. If you send me a private message I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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January 28, 2013 at 8:00 am

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