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Facebook and Reinventing the Self

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In the past I have wondered whether Facebook is a good thing for young people because it hinders re-invention.  The person you once were is a digital immortal, and unless your Facebook friends defriend you, they are always there digitally remembering the person you once were. The person you might one day be becomes more difficult to realize.  While friends cycle in and out of your life, they remain permanently on Facebook.  This is not in the natural order of things, at least in the non-digital world. There was a great line from The Motorcycle Diaries about how sometimes peoples’ lives run in parallel for a time. But on Facebook, for a time can be forever.

I concede now that my concerns were misplaced. In order to create a new self on Facebook, all you need is a new e-mail address. E-mail addresses are very easy to obtain. So easy, in fact, that Facebook has had to amend its IPO documents to include the fact that perhaps 6% of its registered users have duplicate accounts. So, at least for now, the work you can be separate from the private you, or even the secret you (take a look at the blog post on Garcia Marquez, TBA).

All you need is a new e-mail address.

Written by mokane

March 12, 2012 at 10:59 am

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