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One of America’s most cherished institutions, the Home Depot, was hit on Thursday in Miami by two men in drag who had previously visited the store in their disguises. This being Miami, perhaps they weren’t wearing disguises at all. News reports weren’t clear as to whether the tool department or the interior design section was the focus of their attentions.

In the meantime, police chief Esposito in Miami is fighting for his job. The African American community is upset–and well they should be–because SWAT team officers went “hunting” and shot and killed a black man on New Year’s eve. The chief called their practice of taking to the streets in unmarked black SUV’s “proactive” law enforcement. One of the team members, caught on camera during a pilot for a reality show, said that his team were predators out hunting.

A most dangerous game indeed. This is the result of the militarization of the police forces. Speaking of predators, Miami has just purchased military Predator drone aircraft for civilian use. There is no reason to have such military weaponry in the city of Miami. These aircraft have crashed in Iraq and Afghanistan and undoubtedly they will be subject to the same occasional technical problems here in Miami.

Thieves in drag at the Home Depot. The police chief hunting humans on the street. Predator aircraft in the air.

Welcome to Miami.

Written by mokane

January 14, 2011 at 2:49 pm

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