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One day this week I heard someone rummaging about in the patio. This is the same patio that is the cause of a $2500 fine, despite the fact that:

1) I didn’t build the patio;

2) I brought the patio into code compliance promptly; and

3) The area where the patio was built was hazardous.

No matter. Miami Code Enforcement imposed a fine of $2500. The Code Enforcement Board’s obnoxious attorney, Patricia Arias, couldn’t understand the difference between the presumption of mailing under Florida law and who U.S. Postal regulations authorize to collect certified mail.

As a theft prevention device, I have posted a sign which says “DANGER” on my front door, a warning that the building is being fumigated, and a “Work Rules” sheet that proclaims the necessity of wearing respirators on the “job site” because “lead and asbestos have been found.” 

So far, the thieves in Miami are literate enough to heed the warnings.  The warnings apparently were enough to scare away the Census Taker as well. So it appears that I go into the good night uncounted. And there’s less money for the City of Miami, less money for people like Patricia Arias and her ilk.


Written by mokane

July 3, 2010 at 12:43 am

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