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A blog on writing mentioned word counts for various types of texts. Two points came through which I think are important for the brave new world of ebooks.

First, one writer complained about the fact that U.S. publishers will not consider publishing novellas; the sole exception being that the novellas had already met success abroad. The problem: the physical books are too small.

Secondly, a writer complained that her 200,000 novel was cut by the publisher because of the costs of paper and binding occasioned by the size of the book.

But how can this be? Publishers are arguing with Amazon that 9.99 ebooks are unsustainable because the cost of a book has little to do with physical printing, transportation, warehousing, shipping, etc. Much commotion is made about typesetting, but typesetting is merely learning LaTex. If you have any experience with LaTex you already know this.

I think that the size of texts and distribution costs do play a formidable role in the pricing of books. Eliminating these costs opens up all sorts of possibilities for the future. Hopefully more novellas can be published, and longer texts as well.

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Written by mokane

June 2, 2010 at 3:37 pm

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