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Why I’m not answering the Census

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I figure that the last thing the country needs is giving this crazy state more representation so that it can continue to hold the country hostage on a host of issues. So when the census form came in the mail, I directed it to the trash. When after a few weeks the census visitor paid me a visit, I didn’t open the door. He looked like a hoodlum anyway. He’s now dropped by two or three times. He can bang on the door all he wants, but I don’t think I have any obligation to open. And I’m certainly not going to answer any questions. Of course, if I’m given use immunity and hauled before the grand jury, then we’ll have to address the issue of compliance. Till then, “yawn.”

I should point out that i didn’t participate in the 2000 census either. Or the 1990 census, for that matter. Or 1980. I am a recidivist.

At least my civil disobedience has not resulted in gunfire and murder. Here’s a story from the Washington Post:

Dispute over Census questions ends in Calif. woman’s death
A U.S. Census Bureau worker in California was threatened Thursday night by a man with a firearm, and the man’s wife was later shot and killed by police officers.
Officials in South Yuba City, Calif., said that a census taker was confronted by a man who pointed a firearm at the worker and said he would not answer questions. The census worker drove home and reported the incident to her supervisor, according to the Census Bureau. The supervisor called police, who then responded to the residence.
When police arrived, the man answered the door armed with a handgun. His wife also approached with a shotgun, pointed it at the officers in a threatening manner and was later shot and killed when she refused to drop the weapon. The officers are on administrative leave pending an internal investigation, according to local news reports.
“Our employee followed procedures and immediately left the scene,” according to Census Bureau spokesman Steven Buckner. No agency personnel were on scene “when events turned tragic,” he said.
About 635,000 part-time census workers are going door-to-door to follow up at addresses that did not return a census questionnaire.
Violent and deadly incidents involving temporary census workers are nothing new: Six census workers died this month in car crashes and 21 employees died on the job between 1998 and 2008, including an Indiana woman mauled to death by a dog and a Kentucky worker whose death was ruled a suicide.

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May 29, 2010 at 8:11 pm

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