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An Extraordinary Accomplishment

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On Thursday, May 28 (2010) Commissioner Richard P. Dunn spoke of his accomplishments:

“Dunn noted during his news conference that there hasn’t been a shooting in Liberty City, Overtown or Little Haiti in three weeks — a period of calm for a cluster of neighborhoods that had been paralyzed by gunfighting.
Shortly after Dunn made the statement, he announced in the commission chamber that two children in his district, ages 4 and 9, had been shot.”

This is Dunn’s second tour as a Miami city commissioner. The first time around, he replaced Commissioner Miller Dawkins, who had been charged with various crimes. This time around, he’s replaced Michelle Spence-Jones, who has been charged with various crimes.

Miami is the kind of place where the lack of a street shooting for three weeks is considered an accomplishment and something to boast about.

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May 29, 2010 at 1:38 pm

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