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Khalid “Sheikh” Mohammed: Part Two

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During World War II, captured enemy soldiers were put in POW camps in different locations in the United States. I seem to recall that one was in Kansas; I knew someone who had briefly served there.  Eight German spies disembarked from U-boats in 1942. All eight were arrested, and then:

“By June 27, 1942, all eight saboteurs had been arrested without having accomplished one act of destruction. Tried before a Military Commission, they were found guilty. One was sentenced to life imprisonment, another to thirty years, and six received the death penalty, which was carried out within a few days.”

It is not necessary to create new courts, procedural systems, etc. to deal with Khalid Mohammed. He waged war against the United States. He should be treated the same as the eight German saboteurs, under the same rules, but on U.S. soil at a military facility.

He is not a mere delinquent. In response to his attack, the United States waged war: first in Afghanistan, then in Iraq. It does less violence to the Geneva Conventions and our own criminal justice system to try Khalid Mohammed in a U.S. military court than to either try him under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure or in semi-secret tribunals located in a base in Cuba kept open during the past fifty years simply to annoy Fidel Castro.

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November 16, 2009 at 7:49 pm

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