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The 1996 film “Rounders” has a certain cult status and popularity due to an increase in interest in poker, especially Texas Hold ‘Em. The film stars Matt Damon and Ed Norton, with Famke Janssen in a supporting role. Recently Ms. Janssen starred in a 2008 action film called “Taken,” also starring Liam Neeson. In the film Neeson and Janssen’s daughter is kidnapped by white slavers in Paris and sold to the bad guys. Who are the villains? Qataris. Arabs. Of course. Such creativity.

There was an article recently (I think it was in the Guardian) complaining about the fact that all recent villains seem to be Nazis. There was even a story about “Hitler’s Cow” in the Daily Mail. Apparently there’s a breed of cattle with some link to 1930’s Germany currently bred in England. Run for your lives!

The author of this article need not worry. Hollywood villains seem to be either Nazis or Arabs. What would we do without them?

Written by mokane

May 10, 2009 at 7:18 am

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