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Because of the threat of yellow fever, Panama Canal employees were paid something called a “tropical differential” which amounted to 15% of wages. Employees were also awarded generous “home leave,” which presumably, existed so that they would not completely lose their ties to the United States. Before the advent of jet aviation, home leave was normally taken by sailing on the Canal’s steamship to New York, or later, New Orleans. Due to the requirements of the job, sometimes families weren’t able to travel together. One of my pilot friends once told me that he was “batchin’ it”, that is, living as a bachelor, since his family was in the United States.

It occurred to me the other day that I have been “batchin’ it” for the past six years. I’m not waiting for a ship full of family to return, but still. This has led to my development of certain behaviors that would be accepted in no civilized country. First, most people do not heat a donut by putting it on top of the coffee maker while making coffee. But this probably is not the worst.

About two weeks ago I looked at my sink and saw that algae, mold or some other cellular lifeforms had taken up residence and were multiplying rapidly. They had extended their dominion to all of the silverware that had gone unwashed (and unused) for months. Looking at the unholy mess, I realized that it made much more sense to simply throw it all away than attempt to clean up. So I went to the hospital, borrowed a few biohazard bags, and threw out all my silverware. This is pretty bad, don’t you think? Dumping silverware to avoid washing it?

So now I have one knife, one fork and one spoon. Clean up, except for the donut glaze on top of the coffee maker,  is a charm.

Written by mokane

May 9, 2009 at 11:58 am

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