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One of the habits that I picked up during the days when I was written about from time to time in the Miami Herald is that of reading the local section first.

So on Sunday, April 19, I picked up the local section, which confirms my fondness for the eccentricity of the city. The front page details the story of how a 7-year-old Broward foster child hanged himself after a tantrum. The University of Miami’s Medical School is giving “oneness blessings” plasma energy fields and acupunture a place in the curriculum. Meanwhile, Alan Kaufman is denied bail on first degree murder charges. Alan complained that his wife got home late, fell down in the bathroom and broke her neck on a magazine rack. The police have a different view. One Broward teen killed another in order to establish his “street cred.” Four men in North Miami were arrested by police after a three hour standoff with police, on the same day that five juveniles were charged by  State authorities with making sex videos of themselves. Eleanor Adderly, the estranged (I wonder why) wife of the Ft. Lauderdale police chief, is going to plead guilty to shooting her husband several times with his own gun while he lay in bed.

And some people say that Saudi Arabia is a strange place.

Written by mokane

April 21, 2009 at 2:55 am

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