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Cross-dressing Mental Patient Hunted in Miami

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A recent news item from the Miami Herald noted that the police were on the lookout for a cross-dressing mental patient who had escaped from an asylum and who is a danger to himself and others. 

The news barely registered: another day in Miami. The fact that I was nonplussed (I am using this word in the new, North American sense) says less about me than it does about Miami. Miami has been described as a “sunny place for shady people.” Why shouldn’t cross-dressing mental patients be hunted by the police? Nothing newsworthy about that, really. Many years Carl Hiaasen wrote about the “DeSillers Effect,” which is Miami’s ability to take something worthy and turn it tawdry in the blink of an eye. It was named after (or in dishonor of) Ronnie DeSiller’s mother. Ronnie was a boy with a bad liver waiting for a transplant that did not come in time. Shortly thereafter, Mom was seen driving down Brickell Avenue with her new boyfriend in a red BMW that had been purchased with funds donated by the community for Ronnie’s medical care. There are many other examples. General Noriega is brought to the bar of justice by the U.S. Army after an illegal invasion of his country. A few months later, the general’s wife is arrested after being found cutting expensive buttons off dresses in Burdine’s department store. Why shouldn’t a general’s wife shoplift in Kendall? Nothing spectacular about that, really. 

I’m waiting to see what kind of news item could really raise eyebrows in Miami. My God, people are already becoming blasé about Cuba. The hypocrisy might have something to do with it. Oh, there’s an embargo and all, but somehow there are more “humanitarian” flights per day from Miami to Havana than there are to New Orleans, just to pick one example. The Cuban community is against the embargo—non-Cuban Americans can’t be licensed to travel to Cuba; how’s that for ethnic discrimination?—and so doesn’t travel to Cuba, except those who must travel to Cuba for humanitarian reasons, and since Cuba is such a mess, this includes the entire community. No, I haven’t even tried to map this out using a Venn diagram. What’s the point?

So while the Establishment rails against gambling while collecting their winnings a la Casablanca, other citizens of the community try to avoid the odd cross-dressing mental patient in their midst.

Written by mokane

November 17, 2008 at 1:11 pm

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