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I remember going once to the City News office in downtown Chicago. There were twenty or so people in front of typewriters, clacking away. Not a computer monitor in sight. The City News was a collaborative effort of the Chicago Tribune and the Sun-Times, the city’s two remaining newspapers, covering essentially what is known as the “police blotter.” Sort of an Associated Press, just for the city. It was also an incubator for journalists.

I should have considered it. Instead I went to law school (sigh). In those days, the journalism schools were full. Everyone wanted to be an investigative reporter and follow in the steps of Woodward and Bernstein. John Belushi’s film, Continental Divide, portrayed a life I wanted to lead. Playing 16 inch softball against Mike Royko’s team in college once, I had to wonder: he’s not playing fair. He threw the ball high in the air so that it passed through the strike zone almost vertically. Ridiculous. Did he similarly cut corners professionally? I’m in no position to say. 

So here I am, sitting–from then–far in the future, in a place far, far away, working on a deadline. Isn’t writing a blog like working on a daily newspaper column? And I really can’t think of all that much to say for today. So we’ll lead with these newspaper memories and hope for the best. 

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July 24, 2008 at 12:27 pm

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